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Custom Window Shades can be an excellent choice for complete window coverage. They offer a solution to lighting and privacy concerns. By toning down the sunlight that comes through the window, shades can dramatically improve the look and feel of a particular room. We offer a great selection of shades including Cellular, Solar/Roller, Roman and Pleated. Our Custom Window Shades are a great addition for added light control. Please take a look at our more detailed descriptions of each type of shades below.

Pleated Shades - Pleated shades can bring versatile, fashionable fabrics and colors to your windows. Our pleated window shades are constructed from a single layer of material and will ensure your privacy. We offer light filtering fabrics as well as room darkening fabrics which will keep the most amount of light out eliminating glare from your television or letting you sleep in.

Cellular Shades - We offer many fabrics, pleat sizes, cell configurations, light control options, and design options in our Honeycomb Shades. They are available in single, double and triple cell designs and made of color-fast polyester, some are flame retardant, and all are simple to clean. Cellular shades are known for their added energy efficiency.

Roller Shades - These classic window treatments offer many options to your windows. Choose from a great selection of fabrics, colors, or decorative trim styles.  

Solar Shades - These on trend shades offer sun control for interior or exterior use

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