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We Love Windows With a Challenge!

The Window Fashions On Wheels System provides each of its clients with personal attention and custom-designed fashions made specifically for the window and the room! We install all of our creations, leaving you with a complete renovation to your existing window. With our 30 years of experience in window treatment design and installation, you can be sure that your window will look and feel exactly as it was designed.

No two jobs are exactly alike, we create a personal style for each of our clients. Servicing both residential and commercial clients, Window Fashions On Wheels never charges for an in-home consultation or installation...Both are FREE. Window Fashions On Wheels will even upholster your furniture pieces and coordinate to match your new windows.

Window Treatments can transform a plain ordinary room into an amazing site for sore eyes. Even though customized window treatments are more expensive than over the counter solutions, you can not put a price tag on how much they improve the decor of a room. Window Fashions can be specifically tailored to your liking and match your room's design with exact precision.

Remember, windows are meant to allow light into a room, they are designed to add function to your home, why spend a ton of money on great new furniture, carpet, or hardwood flooring and leave your window decor simple. Large windows with great Treatments can even serve as the main point of interest in a room. When it comes to windows, there are certainly many options; Window Fashions On Wheels provides you with solutions to your window decor needs.​

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Window Fashions On Wheels Tips

If you want a small room to feel larger, keep the wall colors as well as the window treatments all lighter colors. Combine several light colors in the room to spice up a room and to increase its perceived size.

To add height to a room with low ceilings, add verticle stripes when decorating the walls and windows. You can also add verticle artwork to match the decor, but make sure that your art and window treatments do not clash.

Have fun! Look for new bright colors & prints evolving in the design world and do not be afraid to use them in your rooms.

To clean out the cells of honeycomb shades, use a hair dryer to blow the accumulated dust from one end to the other. This makes cleaning them so much easier.

To clean wood & mini blinds, use a real lambs' duster, the oil in the lambs' wool really attracts the dust. Sometimes there's just no substitution for natural material.

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